SCGB Conference 2016

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's conference a great success, and special thanks to the 100 participants who came (often long distances) and took part with such enthusiasm and support.

The conference:

  • Received reports on all aspects of SCGB's work since the last conference
  • Adopted the formal SCGB constitution (voted unanimously)
  • Decided to ensure that Paracheer and SEN cheer will be represented within SCGB alongside All-star, schools and University cheer
  • Formed SportcheerEngland and SportcheerWales as national bodies for cheerleading in those countries
  • Elected representatives to the national bodies
  • Learnt about a new scheme for registration and recognition of qualified cheerleading coaches
  • workshopped on tumbling, stunts, dance, rules and safety, special needs cheer and taping support for athletes. Workshops involved TeamEngland and TeamWales coaches and athletes
  • Welcomed the General Secretary of the International Cheerleading Union and of the European Cheerleading Union, who took part in the conference

A full report, as well as presentations and documents will be published here as soon as possible.

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