Meeting with British Gymnastics

On 9 May 2016, Christopher Curtis and Derek Kent of SportcheerGB met with members of the Participation Team at British Gymnastics Headquarters in Lilleshall. After that meeting we were introduced to and spoke with British Gymnastics' CEO, Jane Allen. What follows is a public statement agreed by everyone at the meeting:

"The meeting was friendly, open and mutually helpful. We discussed the relationship between cheerleading and gymnastics as distinct sports which draw on some common skills, and the current priorities of our organisations. In particular, we discussed the new "add-on" module in cheerleading which British Gymnastics is offering only to its Level 2 qualified coaches in specific disciplines, and its plans to incorporate some cheerleading into its local "Gymnastics for All" competition structure. We discussed SportcheerGB's work on training and qualification standards and the steps it is taking to be recognised as the single independent body representing all those involved in cheerleading in the UK.

In line with government strategy, British Gymnastics is keen to increase participation and especially to keep more of the 11+ age group involved. It is supporting clubs in broadening the range of gymnastics-related activities offered and wants clubs to be able to offer some cheerleading activities alongside freestyle, group gymnastics and other initiatives, but always as part of a gymnastics programme. The new add-on-module and competition offer will provide BG clubs with a comprehensive programme which will be exclusively delivered within registered British Gymnastics environments.

We all recognised the contribution that British Gymnastics registered coaches already make to cheerleading clubs and welcomed the many athletes who were involved in cheerleading and gymnastics. We shared the aims of increasing participation and improving performance in both sports, for the benefit of all and SportcheerGB wished continued success to the add-on module and to an increase in the number of gymnasts who could experience high-quality cheerleading activity within their sport."

Conference 2016 - Minutes

Our second annual conference was held on Saturday 14 May 2016 at the Kents Hill Park Conference Centre, Milton Keynes. it was attended by 100 delegates from cheerleading clubs all over the UK. We were honoured to have Karl Olson (Secreatary-General of the International Cheerleading Union) and Tone Sparby (Secretary-General of the European Cheerleading Union) with us. Sincere thanks to everyone who participated and made it such a successful day.

The conference had the following sessions:

  • Annual report
  • General Meeting
  • Workshops (on stunts, tumbling, special needs, taping to support athlete joints, safety and rules, introducing  dance to your programme)
  • Coaching Standards and Registration

 We are pleased to publish:

Unfortunately, the very useful and lively discussions around the constitution and setting up of national bodies meant that there was not time to register coaches at the conference. We are in the process of setting up the registration procedure online (which will be free to everyone who attended the conference). We will announce and explain this as soon as possible. In the meantime, you might like to look at the slides we used to explain coach registration at the conference.

We are sorry that it has taken a little longer than planned to publish these documents and to get the coaches' registration system up and running. Close family bereavements for key people meant it was impossible to do this sooner. We are working on the coaches' registration system now and should be able to open it shortly.

SCGB Conference 2016

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's conference a great success, and special thanks to the 100 participants who came (often long distances) and took part with such enthusiasm and support.

The conference:

  • Received reports on all aspects of SCGB's work since the last conference
  • Adopted the formal SCGB constitution (voted unanimously)
  • Decided to ensure that Paracheer and SEN cheer will be represented within SCGB alongside All-star, schools and University cheer
  • Formed SportcheerEngland and SportcheerWales as national bodies for cheerleading in those countries
  • Elected representatives to the national bodies
  • Learnt about a new scheme for registration and recognition of qualified cheerleading coaches
  • workshopped on tumbling, stunts, dance, rules and safety, special needs cheer and taping support for athletes. Workshops involved TeamEngland and TeamWales coaches and athletes
  • Welcomed the General Secretary of the International Cheerleading Union and of the European Cheerleading Union, who took part in the conference

A full report, as well as presentations and documents will be published here as soon as possible.

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