Would you like to represent your country at ICU Worlds?

The process of national team tryouts is now complete with England and Wales successfully forming teams to represent their respective countries in the divisions listed below. Now that these spaces have been filled there is an opportunity for established club teams to represent their country in the remaining available divisions:

Division England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
All-Girl Elite Team Cheer (Level 5) Team England National Team  (N/A)    
Co-Ed Elite Team Cheer (Level 5) Team England National Team Team Wales National Team     
All-Girl Premier Team Cheer (Level 6) (N/A) (N/A)     
Co-Ed Premier Team Cheer (Level 6) (N/A) (N/A)     
Team Cheer Hip-Hop Team England National Team      
Team Cheer Freestyle Pom        
Team Cheer Hip-Hop Doubles  
Team Cheer Freestyle Pom Doubles  
All-Girl Group Stunt (Division no longer available)            
Co-Ed Partner Stunt (Division no longer available)           
Team Cheer Jazz (Division no longer available)        
Doubles Team Cheer Jazz (Division no longer available)         

If you are interested in filling any of the spaces above and would like to represent your country at ICU Worlds please contact any UK Event Provider* and ask them to nominte your team to the SCGB selection panel for consideration. Your nomination must also include a video demonstrating your squads skill and ability within your chosen division.

All nominations must be received by the 30th October 2014. A final decision will by made by the panel and you will be notified if you are successful before the 24th November 2014.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Small print:

* A UK Event Provider indicates a registered UK company that provides cheer and/or dance competitions which are held in the UK.

Any cheerleader/team that is due to compete at an ICF or other cheer worlds event will be ineligible to enter the ICU worlds competition in Florida.

A team can only represent the country of which reside in at the time the competition takes place. I.e An English based team cannot represent Wales.




ICU Worlds 2015 Team Representation

The International Cheer Union (ICU) through SportsCheerGB (SCGB) will request the Nationals Team entries that will represent England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland at the 2015 ICU World Cheer and Dance Championships in Orlando.

Priority will be given to National Team submissions selected through a ‘try-out’ process that shows a fair representation of each countries best athletes. If you have formed a National team or are thinking about forming a team to represent your country then please notify SCGB by 30th June 2014 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following divisions are available for representation by each country (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland):

  • All Girl Group Stunt
  • Coed Partner Stunt
  • All Girl Elite Team Cheer (level 5)
  • Coed Elite team Cheer (level 5)
  • All Girl Premier Team Cheer (level 6)
  • Coed Premier Team Cheer (level 6)
  • Team Cheer – Jazz Doubles
  • Team Cheer – Hip Hop Doubles
  • Team Cheer – Freestyle Doubles
  • Team Cheer – Jazz
  • Team Cheer – Hip Hop
  • Team Cheer – Freestyle



Great news for teams looking to a win USASF Worlds Bid in 2015

We are excited to announce that for the 2013/2014 season BCA, Future Cheer and ICC will be working together to introduce a new scheme, which will give bid competing teams in the UK multiple chances to win a "Partial Paid" bid at a reduced cost.

Any team that wins an "At Large" bid at an eligible event will be given the opportunity to roll over and compete again at another eligible event, giving them a chance to upgrade this to a "Partial Paid" bid for free! The cost of the roll over entry fees will be covered by the three event providers.

The eligible events for this season are:

  • ICC NATIONALS- 29TH/30TH March 2014, Nottingham
  • BCA NORTH EAST CLASSIC-24TH/25TH May 2014, Newcastle
  • FC INTERNATIONALS-12TH/13TH July, Bournemouth

Please note:

  1. Only the athletes that compete at the first event will be allowed to roll over free of charge to the next event. Any extra athletes must pay the applicable entry fee. ICC will confirm to BCA and/or Future Cheer the number of athletes that were entered, and in turn BCA will confirm to Future Cheer as the season progresses.
  2. The rollover scheme is entirely optional. It is still possible for a team to enter each competition independently. Normal entry fees will apply.

For further simplicity, the value of the "partial paid" bids awarded by each event producer will be brought into line and a similar value/package will be offered by all three event providers.

If you have any questions regarding this exciting opportunity, please contact any one of event providers directly.

bca2 fc icc

As the three largest Event Providers in the UK; BCA, Future Cheer and ICC are excited to be working together. This scheme is the first of many we are looking at to help develop and protect the UK Cheer Industry. More details coming soon!



The Sport of Cheerleading, International Cheer Union and SportCheerGB is recognised by:


On 31st May 2013, the International Cheer Union (ICU) and the Sport of Cheerleading was accepted as members of SportAccord, making Cheerleading an official and recognised sport around the world.

SportCheerGB is the recognised National Governing Body for Cheerleading in the United Kingdom.

Participating Event Providers

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Commercial Supporters

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