Conference 2016

Conference 2016

We are delighted to formally announce our conference for 2016 and invite everyone with an interest in UK cheerleading to register and come to Milton Keynes for the day on Saturday 14 May 2016.

This will be an important and historic conference. After a lot of work behind the scenes, especially since our conference last year in Nottingham, this event will be the formal public launch of the inclusive, independent governing body for cheerleading in the UK. With the full support of the International Cheerleading Union, those present will approve the constitution and will be able to elect people to join our governing council and committees. For the first time, it will be possible for qualifiedcheerleading  coaches to be recognised by SCGB join the UK's first independent and validated register (registration is free at the conference). There will be reports on our work to date, about the national teams, and an update on our plan to submit an application for the formal recognition of cheerleading, and the governing body, before the end of this year. If that is not enough, we are offering useful workshops reflecting our role in promoting safety, developing and supporting the sport. We really hope to see you there.

We are based in a great conference centre (, which should allow us to work well together and gain a lot from a short day. Refreshments and lunch are included in the £50 fee.


 10:00 Arrival and Registration

10:15 Annual Report & General Meeting

1. Brief presentations on what SCGB has done in the last year, including:

  • Why we need a governing body

  • Current situation re: event providers, structures, finance etc.

  • ICU Worlds & National teams

  • Official recognition, what is needed, and plans to submit

2. General Meeting to:

  • Formally adopt constitution and launch membership

  • Nominate and elect representatives

  • Discuss and respond to priorities for the year ahead

11:45 Coffee/Tea

12:05 Workshops 1

  • Tumble Safe — Gareth Green

  • Introducing Dance to your Programme — Team Wales Pom & Team England Hip-Hop

  • Stunts by Spring Tumbling — run by Team England Cheer Coaches

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Coach Standards & Registration

  • Presenting finished scheme

  • Inviting people to sign up to the register of SCGB recognised cheerleading coaches - if you wish to register (free at the conference) you will need to bring documents - see below

15:20 Tea/Coffee

15:40 Workshops 2

  • Introduction to Taping — Cheeractive

  • Running a Special Needs Team — Amee Quy

  • Safety & Rules — Amanda Fairhall & Dave Kenworthy

16:30 Plenary

  • Final Gathering

  • Any continued coach registration

  • Capture representatives’ details and arrange meetings

17:00 End

Annual Report and General Meeting

The first part of the day will be a report on progress so far and a formal meeting to adopt the constitution and elect members to the councils and committees. It is not a legal "AGM" (because it is happening before the constitution is adopted!) but the meeting will mark the move from the provisional "working party" which has existed until now to a representative, established structure. We will email key documents and the strucutre of that meeting to you to read before the conference so you can consider if you wish to serve. The same meeting will report on moves towards recognition and ongoing discussions with the UK sports authorities and others.

Coach Registration

 If you have completed the following within the last three years:

  • NCSSE parts 1 -3 inclusive OR BGU to at least level 2 OR USASF credentialling to at least level 2 in stunts, tosses and at least level 1 in tumbling OR cheerleading training and assessment by a competent provider to a similar level
  • AND A safeguarding course approved by a local authority (including safeguarding courses offered by cheeractive or any of the main event providers)
  • AND basic first aid training suitable for basic sports coaching

You are entitled to register as a SCGB recognised coach and to be listed on the database. This will usually require you to join SCGB as a coach member and pay a fee, but registration is free on the day of the conference. We will explain the coaching standards and what registration means, and be happy to register you on the day. If you wish to register you must bring with you all certificates/records of attendance to show that you have completed training and assessment. If your cheerleading training was not with NCSSE or BGU then you will need to bring details (e.g. a programme) of the training you completed as well.


 When we email to confirm your registration, we will ask you to choose one workshop in each workshop session. Workshops are planned to be helpful to a range of people interested in cheerleading, sharing good advice to promote safety and quality in cheerleading. All workshops are focused on practicalities and on involving you as far as possible in discussion. You do not need to prepare to take part directly in cheerleading activities! Workshops are not full training, but will give you ideas and things to think about and take away. 

Conference Fee

The £50 fee covers hire of the centre (several rooms this year, including a sports hall) and basic expenses to run the conference. People running the conference are volunteers.

Register for the Conference

Clicking "Pay now" will take you to Paypal, where you can also pay by debit or credit card. During checkout, it will ask you for your postal address and caputre an email address, both of which will be used by us only for communicating in relation to this conference (When we acknowlege your registration by email, we will ask for permission to add you to our database, but this will not occur automatically and is not required to take part in the conference)

Please note: SportcheerGB is a non-profit company (limited by guarantee) registered in the UK. It is required to submit audited annual accounts to Companies House.

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