Working Party Meeting Report

Tuesday 24th February 2015

The meeting focused on the comments and feedback received from the conference. The feedback forms were studied in great detail, and members also reported on the discussions in which they had been involved at the conference. It was noted that there were people at the conference from all-star, University and schools cheer, from most parts of the country, from a range of team/club sizes and levels. There were people present with links to almost all the UK event providers, as well as with USASF, Varsity and other US and international bodies. We were very grateful for the strong support that people showed.

Feedback from the conference had been very positive. Those present clearly supported having a unified governing body for cheerleading and there was a great deal of good will towards the development of SCGB. There was also a strong wish to be more involved and better informed about developments and to see SCGB move forward as quickly as possible. In particular, people were keen that things should happen, and that communication with the whole of cheerleading should be better.

There were lots of specific suggestions and ideas, which led to a lengthy and lively discussion. Outcomes of this were:

  • All those who came to the conference should receive an email thanking them for coming and updating them briefly
  • Brief notes (like this!) should be published after each meeting and whenever there is an update
  • We will meet again in May to receive a detailed report on possible “membership offer” and models. This will take into account the many helpful suggestions and comments from conference. From the May meeting, we will decide on an initial membership scheme, and aim to have SCGB membership and recognition for coaches publicised and ready for the new cheerleading year from September. This membership will then be invited to elect representatives to build national and GB councils.
  • To plan a conference for about the same time next year (bearing in mind dates of competitions), to make the conference for members and to offer useful support and networking for them, as well as being able to report on and move forward on developments at that time
  • To plan for SCGB representation/information at competitions
  • To invite volunteer(s) to join the working party as SCGB social media officer, based on a clear “job description” - supporting national team publicity and information as well as general SCGB awareness and info. This to be done by emailing those from the conference who had indicated willingness and skill in this area and for the group to decide who to invite based on their response.
  • To seek possible funding for the work in setting up membership and representation
  • There was a brief discussion around coaches’ recognition and the debate at conference. This work will be taken forward by the training/education group as soon as possible after Worlds

The meeting also heard brief reports on National Team preparations and arrangements for ICU Worlds. The reports were very positive with the strongest teams yet and coaches have high hopes!  It was also reported that Team England, in particular, was being well supported through generous sponsorship and we are extremely grateful for that. Arrangements for representation at the ICU general assembly and the various receptions and ceremonies around ICU worlds were agreed.




Spring Conference

Thank you to everyone that attended the Conference and for making the event a great success!





Sport Accord

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On 31st May 2013, the International Cheer Union (ICU) and the Sport of Cheerleading was accepted as members of SportAccord, making Cheerleading an official and recognised sport around the world.

SportCheerGB is the recognised National Governing Body for Cheerleading in the United Kingdom.

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